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1030 W Ave L8,

Lancaster, CA 93534


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Meditation starts at 12:30pm | Service begins at 1:00pm

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Love donation of $10 or whatever is comfortable.





Board Of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Members & Commitment 

We, the Board of Trustees, as servant leaders of the Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley, are united in our commitment to serving our Center with love, wisdom, courage, faith, confidence, acceptance, authority and authenticity.

We know that in so doing we create a spiritual environment that is energetic, welcoming, safe and fulfilling to all, physically, mentally and spiritually.

We are dedicated to creating a Center which is committed to providing spiritual tools for everyone; awakening humanity to its own magnificence, encouraging spiritual maturity and developing a relationship with God, thereby creating a world that works for everyone.

Individually and collectively we demonstrate our faith and our conscious awareness of the power of the One Mind by the clarity in which we hold the vision for our beloved Center as a vital, loving, abundant expression of Spirit.



Esperanza Ramos (Espie) started her spiritual journey many years ago.  She sought to understand and studied many modalities of healing and spirituality on her path.  In 2006 she found CSL-AV bridging the gap between all previous teachings recognizing the ONE that existed between them all. Espie became a Licensed Practitioner in 2008. Her goal in life is to share her gifts through teaching, prayer, healing, and love with others. Espie is fluent in both English and Spanish.



Kate Robbins has attended CSL-AV for several years and has been a member since early 2020. She is learning new things everyday, especially how to operate in the realm of abundance, expansion, healing and gratitude. She is looking forward to new things. And so it is!



Joey Anderson served on the board as the Secretary before she was voted in as President in 2021. She has taken on the roll of Treasurer as of 2022. She generously gives her time to teach in the children's church and provides support for the day-to-day operations of CSL-AV. She works to help the elderly members of our center as well as the greater Antelope Valley.

Member at Large

Member at Large

Miriam Corrigan has been a member of our Center for over 20 years. She is a retired and served as a Social Worker for LA County for 40 years. She is now free to devote more time to our community as one of our members at large.

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"To awaken each person to the truth of their Divine Magnificence"

Founded on June 10, 1957, the Center for Spiritual Living-Antelope Valley is one of 450 Centers for Spiritual Living worldwide, dedicated to providing spiritual tools that transform personal lives.


We envision a world that works for everyone.

The Center for Spiritual Living- Antelope Valley offers a positive and uplifting community for spiritual seekers who believe that the universe has intelligence, purpose, beauty, and order.  We offer practical guidance for richer daily living in alignment with our creative Source, such as affirmative prayer, meditation, classes, and visioning. 

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