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Meet Our Practitioners

Alfred Asper


Alfred Asper is a Practitioner here at the Center. He grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah where he attended the University of Utah graduating with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He was a registered Professional Engineer in both Utah and California. 
He had heard about the Church of Religious Science from some friends and started attending services in Salt Lake City. After moving to California in 1989 and then to Lancaster, California in 1993, he started taking classes in Religious Science at CSL-AV. He became a licensed Practitioner in 2007. Fred and Doris married in 1987. 

Fred Asper, RScP   661.946.0626

Espie Ramos


Esperanza (Espie) began her spiritual journey many years ago. She sought to understand and studied many modalities of healing and spirituality on her path. She studied with Indigenous healers in Mexico, Spiritual teachers in Guatemala, ultimately following the path of Toltec Wisdom living the Four Agreements and teachings of Miguel Ruiz.


In 2006 she found the Antelope Valley Center for Spiritual Living bridging the gap between all previous teachings recognizing and culminating the ONE that expressed within them all. As she began to take classes her passion for truth became an uncontrollable thirst. Following her calling, one class at a time, lead Esperanza (Espie) to become a Licensed Practitioner in 2008, under the supervision of Rev. Hilde Brooks. Espie has a passion for life, love, and spirituality.


Her goal in life is to continue her journey of self -awareness, as well as, sharing her gifts through teaching, prayer, healing, and love with others. Espie is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Esperanza Ramos Moore, RScP  661.494.5892

Joan McGlothen


Joan has been a member of CSL-AV since 1997. She became a Practitioner of Religious Science in 2006. Joan is currently teaching a summer Foundations course at CSL-AV, is the Chair of the Pastoral Care Committee and leads our Prayer circle once a month. She loves traveling and spending time with family. 

Joan McGlothen, RScP 661.713.7993

Sharron R. Clark, Emeritus 661.943.1068

Rene Cornwell, RScP 661.949.9439


In this moment as I recognize the divinity of the ONE, I take a deep breath, I inhale the knowingness of this truth, I embody this truth, I allow it to seep into my body penetrating the depth of each and every cell. I flow like the wind and commune with IT. I stand strong in the truth and know, that as I commune with IT, IT is communing with me, for IT and I are one. It is through this Oneness that I express in this very moment. I share my love, my passion, and my joy with all whom I encounter. I know that every minute of this day is already blessed. This day is blessed with love, happiness, perfect health and abundance of all that is good. And so, my heart is warm and full of gratitude, I say thank you, thank you, thank you, as I release these words into the universal law, knowing that it is unfolding as I speak. It is a done deal. So in this heartfelt gratitude, I let it all go, and just allow it to be so. And So It Is.

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