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Center for Spiritual Living-Antelope Valley

Our Sacred Covenant With Our New Minister

There is One Life, this Life is Good, this Life is God. 

This Life is personal to all who feel the Indwelling Presence and now expresses

Itself as the new minister for Center for Spiritual Living-Antelope Valley. 

We know our new minister, as God in expression, is fulfilling both his own deepest calling and our highest vision, which has revealed itself to us as RENEWAL in body, mind, and spirit.


We affirm that our new minister is working now in unison with our Core Council, our Practitioners, and our congregants to further reveal, expand, and fulfill this vision. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)


Our new minister stands before us now, revealing the power of Love and awakening our Divine Magnificence, as a compassionate and devoted leader and guide. 


I experience my new minister as a spiritual leader, teacher, and mentor for my personal growth and spiritual evolution.  


I now renew myself as an expression of Divine Love and Inspiration.


I renew my commitment to my practice as I fully live the principles of Life.


I renew my passion to honor and support Truth.


I renew my knowing of my direct connection to Source. 

I renew my dedication to live as a beacon of Light in the community. 

Personal Intention:_____________________________________________________________.

Personal Intention:____________________________________________________________.

I now accept this Divine Expression of our new minister into my life, and support him with my love and prayers. I know that he serves the highest and greatest good of all who are touched by his presence.

In gratitude for this perfect unfolding and its ongoing evolution, we say, “And so it is. Amen.” 

“Let us make up our minds that yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet arrived. But today can be filled with wonder if we know that we stand on the threshold of that which is wonderful and new.”  ~~Ernest Holmes

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